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Beer Blogging Returns

This blog has spent too long focusing on the unimportant things: race, religion and politics. Well, it's time to get back to what matters: beer. Tonight, I'll be drinking a beer that's been sitting around for a while, looking for a good excuse to be enjoyed. Thursday sounds like a good excuse!

I give you the Chimay Premiére Trappist Ale, brewed in an abbey in Belgium.

Presentation is important for a beer, and that brings me to the first cool thing about Chimay Premiére. Besides coming in an enormous bottle (750 mL, the size of a bottle of wine), it has a cork:

Once you get the cork off, the fun starts. The back of the bottle describes this beer as having a "pleasant sharpness and light hint of bitterness", and the beer doesn't disappoint. It's unfiltered and there's a ton of yeast, which means the beer ferments in the bottle. That gives it a very rich taste and an alcohol content that's probably higher than the 7% on the label. The bitterness is slight, but it really asserts itself in the aftertaste. The beer does have some sweetness, but there's only a very slight hint of it when it initially hits your mouth; other than that, this beer is all about bold flavor. And that's not a bad thing at all. I'd recommend this beer if you like beers with strong flavors in general.

Rating: 7/10


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