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Beer Blogging - Red Death Budweiser and Clamato

Because, apparently, I really hate myself. Let's drink some clam:

That glass there is filled with Budweiser Chelada, which is a mixture of Budweiser, Clamato (warning: Clamato is kind of a disgusting idea if you're not familiar with it), salt and lime. The can says that it's "Budweiser beer with natural flavors and certified color". No explanation is given as to what "certified color" actually means. I bought this tallboy for a couple bucks at my local Albertson's the other day as kind of a novelty, so I better blog about it, right?

It pours into the glass looking exactly like strawberry soda, right down to the huge pink head and excessive carbonation. I don't know why, but that's kind of unsettling. The aroma smells like salty Budweiser, but after a second sniff I picked up some tomato and a faint, threatening whiff of clam. Here we go...

That is not good. I just took a very small sip, the smallest possible bit that I could ingest to get the flavor. I think it was a mistake. The flavor progression goes like this: CO2 (from the incredible amount of carbonation, even after that huge head), Budweiser, lime, salt, tomato, CLAM. For a second I had some hope that the clam flavor wouldn't show up, but then it did. With a vengeance.

Many beers will have aftertastes that get better or more complex after you swallow. The Budweiser Chelada is like that, except it's the exact opposite of that. Now, I'm not a wimp about flavors. I never do chasers with shots. But there was a moment there where I would have consumed anything to get the progressively more awful aftertaste of this beer out of my mouth.

For unfathomable reasons, I took a second sip, which was exactly the same as the first sip. That's enough of that. Because it's what I do, I guess I have to rate the beer. It gets a 0/10, the first perfectly awful rating ever on this here blog. DO NOT BUY THIS BEER. Don't even pick up the can, just to be safe. I can't imagine why anyone would enjoy this concoction, but whoever they are they're probably terrible people.

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