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Beer Blogging - Kennebunkport Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beer is back! Tonight I'm drinking a pumpkin ale from Kennebunkport brewing company in Portland, ME.

And no, I'm not beer blogging from the office at 10 AM. I wrote the post last night, but my laptop wouldn't post it (that thing might as well be a paperweight at this point), so I had to upload the picture and post this from my work computer. Really!

The pour: nice golden color, with a pretty good amount of (quickly-disappearing) white foam on top. It looks like there's a fair amount of carbonation, too: a layer of bubbles is just sitting down on the bottom of the glass. Sniffing the air over the head is like sniffing a pumpkin pie. There's pumpkin, and some spice, and maybe a little bit of hops. Mostly pumpkin.

The taste: well, it's pumpkin, but it's not too much pumpkin. Too much flavoring is a problem with flavored beers in general, especially with blueberry beers. In this one, the pumpkin spice flavor works with the ale (tastes like a typical America amber ale), instead of drowning it out. Right out front there's pumpkin spice, but that fades away pretty quick into the body of the amber ale. The ale doesn't feature a lot of malt, and there's a decent hop character. Finally, the pumpkin makes a comeback in the aftertaste, which is a cool effect that's mildly surprising on the first sip.

Rating: 7/10. It's a decent pumpkin beer, and if you like the style you won't be disappointed in this one. I picked the six pack up at Trader Joe's for about six bucks, so it's a good value.