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<strong>The Disgruntled Chemist</strong>


Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat


On a warm night like tonight, I needed something a little lighter to follow that stout, and here it is: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, one of the few Sam Adams beers I've never tried before. As you can see from the picture, this beer has a golden color and a huge white head that actually came up above the top of the pint glass but faded away within a couple of minutes. It's clear, which isn't something I was expecting in a beer with the word 'wheat' on the label. The smell is, as one might expect, strongly of cherries, but I think I can also smell some sweet malt in there. Whatever it is, the cherries overwhelm it easily.

This beer actually doesn't taste as much like cherries as the aroma led me to expect. They're there, of course, but they're not the dominant flavor. It's a very light beer, without a lot of sweetness or bitterness - a very summery beer, I guess you'd say. I'd compare the magnitude of the flavor to something like a lager, but without any bready flavors. Right up front you taste cherries, along with some very light malt. Once the cherries fade away, the malt sticks around, resulting in a somewhat watery effect. The aftertaste gets a little bready malt flavor and a little cherry flavor, but it doesn't last long. There's no hint of alcohol, and I'd guess that the beer doesn't have more than 4% ABV (until I decided to look at the label just now and it said 5.35%. So much for me).

Rating: 6/10. Nothing special. If you're looking for something to drink on a warm summer evening and you like fruit in your beer, you might like this one. If you're a big fan of wheat beers, you will probably be disappointed. Otherwise, a tepid recommendation.