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Beer Blogging - Magic Hat Fat Angel Ale

Tonight I'm having another one of the beers I got when I was visiting Tart in New York City. This time it's Fat Angel Ale from the fine Vermonters at Magic Hat Brewing.

The label describes this as "a paler kind of ale", so I'm expecting something hoppy but not overpowering. The color is pretty nice, a light amber that borders on gold when held up to the light. The head is foamy and white, and dissolves to some nice lace on the sides of the glass. Both citrus hops and sweet malt are present in the aroma, but neither one too strongly. Interestingly, there's also a hint of green apple in the aroma.

This is a nice, smooth pale ale, right in line with what the label promises. There's a nice balance of malt and hops, pretty much consistent with the aroma with maybe a little more hops (floral, not citrus) toward the end. I can't taste any of the green apple, though. No hint at all of the 5% ABV. This is an extremely drinkable beer, and I could see drinking several of them at once very easily.

Rating: 8/10. Recommended for fans of pale ales who are in the mood for something a little lighter, and for fans of non-bitter beers who are feeling adventurous. This would be a good introduction to the style.



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