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Beer Blogging - Blind Faith

It's time for some beer blogging! This afternoon I'm sitting down with a beer from Magic Hat that I picked up before I left New York City. I bought four different kinds of Magic Hat; today I'm trying their Blind Faith India Pale Ale.

The defining characteristic of an IPA is that it's made with a lot of hops, but the aroma of Blind Faith still surprised me with how hoppy it was. I can smell both floral and bitter hops in there. It pours with a fairly large head that dissipates over the course of about a minute, and the color is an almost reddish gold.

First impression: that is a tasty beer. There's a strong, almost citrus-y hop flavor right out front that pretty much dominates while the beer is in the mouth. There's a very little bit of sweet malt there, but you've really got to look for it. The aftertaste is great: it starts out with bitter hops and finishes after a good long while with an almost bready malt. This beer is not short on flavor. There's a good amount of carbonation to it as well.

Rating: 8/10. A very solid, very drinkable IPA that packs a lot of hop flavor without beating you over the head with it. I can see why Toast likes it so much, even though a search through his beer blogging archive shows that he's never reviewed it. What's up with that, Toast?



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