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Beer Blogging - New Belgium Fat Tire Ale

One more beer blogging post for the night sounds good. To finish up, I think I'll do a beer that, frankly, I cannot believe I haven't reviewed before: Fat Tire Amber Ale from New Belgium Brewery.

Fat Tire is a Belgian style amber ale, which you might be able to guess from the name of the brewery and the name of the beer. Fat Tire has a great color: it's a dark amber, almost red, with a fluffy, light tan head that fades away within a minute. The smell is very bready, like a toasted biscuit type flavor. There's no hint of the alcohol (5.2% ABV) in the aroma, nor is there much in the way of hops.

The founders of New Belgium brewery really did their homework on this one - it's a terrific example of the Belgian ale style. It's a really, really smooth beer, very drinkable. The flavors are understated, but they all complement each other nicely. The flavor starts out with a toasted malt flavor, moves on to a very light floral hop taste, and finishes off with kind of a nutty aftertaste. It's a delicious progression. I highly recommend this beer for people who drink the standard American beers and want a little more flavor, or those who like Belgian ales and want to try another example of the genre, or anyone who enjoys a good glass of beer.

One recommendation I'd make is to drink Fat Tire out of a proper beer glass like the one in the picture above, rather than from a standard pint glass or [heaven forbid] the bottle. The smell of Fat Tire is integral to the drinking experience; with the wrong type of glass you could miss out on that.

Rating: 10/10



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