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That's right, I'm still drinking

And I'm still writing about it just in case the beers I buy are good. My final beer of today will be one that I'm really excited about: the Sleighor Double IPA from Reaper Ale Brewing, down the road from me in Vista, CA.

You should really click the picture above and take a look at the label art; it's a pretty cool one. Also, the label poses a question of the drinker: "Do you dare?" I do, Reaper Ale. I do.

This beer poured into the glass with a deep golden color and lots of carbonation. A big, fluffy head was produced that stuck around for quite a while before dissolving into some substantial lace. The aroma is a pleasant combination of grapefruit and flowers, promising lots of hoppy flavor to come.

Drinking this beer is an adventure, because the flavor goes through three distinct phases before you get a chance to swallow it. The first flavor you get is mild and flowery and almost sweet. There's not a lot of that, though, because the second flavor asserts itself almost immediately, and it tastes like the beer is punching you in the tongue with a fist made of hops. It's bitter, but man is it good! As you start getting used to the bitterness, you start to taste the third phase of flavor, which is a grapefruit/orange/general citrus that mixes very well with the bitterness. A slight taste of alcohol (surprisingly little, considering the 9.1% alcohol content) comes through here also. That grapefruit flavor sticks around as the aftertaste.

Rating: 9/10. If you're a fan of IPAs and you can find it in a store near you, you need to try this beer.



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