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Well, it's fall, and that means there are pumpkins around. That also means that the pumpkin ales have magically reappeared in my local liquor establishments, and I couldn't be happier. Tonight, with my super classy dinner of ramen noodles and assorted chopped vegetables, I'll be drinking Buffalo Bill's Brewing's pumpkin ale.

mmm, pumpkin...

This is a clear, amber beer that pours up with just a little bit of foamy head, that disappears to just about nothing. The smell promises good things to come; it smells like a cross between a pumpkin pie and an amber ale. It smells like it's got more spices than a pumpkin pie, but otherwise it's remarkably similar.

Upon first taste, this pumpkin ale tastes like any other amber ale. But once it's been in the mouth for a second, the pumpkin and spices really start to assert themselves. In my experience, beers flavored with fruits or vegetables can go one of two ways: either they can be far too sweet and syrupy (true of blueberry wheat beers, mostly), or they can blend in with the other beer flavors and complement them. This beer does the latter. The pumpkin flavor reminds me of a pumpkin pie mix with only a fraction of the sugar. That's good, because sweetness would be out of place with this beer.

Rating: 7/10. Recommended for people who like pumpkin flavor and amber ales. If you don't like the beer flavor, the pumpkin flavor won't make up for it unless you really like pumpkin.



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