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Tonight I'll be enjoying a very flavorful beer: the Brutal Bitter from Rogue Ales in Newport, Oregon.

Rogue Ales Brutal Bitter

No false advertising here, that's for sure. This is a bitter, bitter beer. It kind of tastes like an IPA, but even more bitter at the end. The citrus flavor that's common to IPAs is there; this one tastes like grapefruit mostly, but there's also a sweet hint of honey. As you can see from the picture, this beer is a very nice reddish color, but also a bit cloudy. The bottle says there's some wheat in it, so that makes sense. There's no alcohol content stated on the bottle, but I'd guess it's in the 7% range. Anyway, this is an absolutely wonderful beer if you're a fan of IPAs, pale ales, ESBs or any other bitter beer that I didn't mention. It's not cheap (six bucks for the 22-ounce bottle), but it's absolutely worth it. Plus, it's a cool bottle that will look good in my collection.

Rating: 10/10. A must buy for anyone who likes bitter beers.

Bonus extra beer blogging: Great White from Lost Coast, in Eureka, CA.

Lost Coast Great White

I've had this one before, but we happen to have some in the beer fridge (yes, we have a dedicated beer fridge) and I want one, so here we go.

I've only ever had this beer out of the bottle; taking this picture was the first time I've ever poured it into a glass. The bottle calls it a "light, unfiltered beer", but I don't see any cloudiness at all. It does look like there's a bit of yeast on the bottom of the bottle, but mostly this looks like a lager in the glass. Anyway, on to the taste.

This is a very smooth, lightly flavored beer. It could be because I just had something called "Brutal Bitter", but I'm just not getting a lot of flavor. There's a little bit of citrus flavor; the bottle also says I should be tasting coriander but I can't tell. Sticking my nose in the glass gives me a scent I can only describe as bubblegum, maybe with a bit of that citrus flavor. There's also a nice smooth aftertaste that's a little wheaty. This is a good summer beer, but not the typical unfiltered ale.

Rating: 6/10. Recommended for fans of lighter, more refreshing beers like lagers. This has a little more flavor; I'd recommend Great White if you like Mexican or American beers and want to try something a little more interesting.

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