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Some of the physics and chemistry graduate students here at UCI have something of a tradition. For big political events (election returns, State of the Union addresses), we get together, eat shitty food and drink really shitty malt liquor. Last year, among other beverages, we sampled Schlitz, Steel Reserve, Mickey's and Icehouse. Tonight, I'm drinking Olde English "800".

I think this stuff might be the Devil's urine

Do not drink this beverage. Seriously, just don't. There are two distinct tastes in play here. When the OE is cold, it's simply bad malt liquor. Kind of a skunky taste, not too bad but certainly nothing I'd call good. Since this stuff has 7.5% alcohol by volume, you might think that drinking a bit of it would lessen the negative aspects.

But you would be wrong. You'd be wrong because warm OE is a special kind of hell. Skunky, yes, like the cold stuff, but there's more. Even very slightly warm Olde English "800" tastes like a hobo's armpit. Plus, this shit is filling, so at the end of the bottle you're full and drinking something that tastes like an old sock. Perhaps obviously, this is not a drinking experience to be desired. I bought this 40 tonight because I had never tried OE 800 before; after tonight, I'm quite confident that I never will again.

Rating: 1/10. Recommended for people who hate themselves and want to be unhappy.

Still, not even shitty malt liquor could dull my enthusiasm tonight. Go Dems!



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