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Beer Blogging

Mmmmm, beer.

Tonight I'll be drinking Rogue Chocolate Stout, made by Rogue Ales out of Newport, Oregon.

rogue chocolate stout

Now that's a beautiful dark beer. Pouring it reminded me of nothing so much as pouring out motor oil; it's thick, just like a stout should be. The first thing you get when you taste it is the roasted hop flavor, and maybe a bit of bitter hop flavor and some oatmeal. The roasted and bitter flavors stick around, joined by a sweet dark chocolate note. There's not a ton of aftertaste to speak of, which is a little surprising in a beer like this, but that doesn't detract from the overall experience. Aftertaste is more important in bitter beers (IPAs, ESBs) than it is in a dark beer, in my opinion. Here you get a hint of hops, a hint of chocolate, and that's it.

Rating: 8/10. Recommended for anyone who likes dark, flavorful beers, even if you don't normally like chocolate stouts. This is a really good specimen, and if you're going to like one, this will be it.


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