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Beer Blogging - Karl Strauss Amber Lager

I'm sitting here grading some lab reports, and if I deserve a beer for any reason, that's it. I just cracked open a Karl Strauss Amber Lager - let's see what we've got.

Pouring this one into a glass confirms that it is, in fact, an amber lager. There's a deep amber color, and sitting on top of that is a persistent, foamy white head. As for the aroma, it's pretty much a typical lager, with a lot more floral hops present. That's promising.

Karl Strauss' Amber Lager is an extremely drinkable lager. Picture a Sam Adams lager, with a flavor that's simultaneously a little lighter and a little more complex - it's bordering on tasting like a Belgian style ale, actually. There's a bready, malty taste right out front, and that's followed by those floral hops (which are much more understated than they were in the aroma). There's a slightly bitter hop aftertaste, but the flavor is mostly about malt. Like I said, it's very drinkable, even if it's a little light for my taste.

Rating: 7/10. A very servicable lager that might be a good alternative for people who are getting a little tired of the standard American macrobrews, or who like Sam Adams but want something a little lighter. I don't know how available it is outside of southern California, though.



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