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Beer Blogging - 2° Below

Here we go again! This UCLA vs. Weber St. game is pretty ugly at this point - UCLA is the clearly superior team, both in basketball skills and in athleticism. I really wish CBS would show us the Duke/VCU game (50-52 Duke with 15 minutes left), but knowing how bad they are about putting on the best football game available, I don't hold out much hope for them switching. In other news, more beer!

This is New Belgium's winter seasonal offering, 2° Below. It's a dry hopped winter ale that's almost frozen during brewing, according to the label, to give it some sort of unique flavor. The color is similar to an IPA, and the head is big and fluffy. It actually smells nothing like the typical dry-hopped ale; the aroma is mostly sweet malt, with a little bit of toasted malt and almost no hops.

The taste is similarly strange for a dry-hopped beer, but that's not a bad thing at all. This beer is reminiscent of New Belgium's most famous offering, Fat Tire - the predominant flavor is of toasted malts, but this beer is a little lighter than Fat Tire. You can taste some hops in the very beginning of the flavor and in the aftertaste; they're bitter but not strong at all. There's very little hint of the 6.6% alcohol content. The aftertaste is very long-lasting and tastes a lot like the beer itself - toasted malt with a little bit of hops. Tasty.

Rating: 7/10. A very drinkable winter ale, lighter than the typical winter beer. Recommended for people who like Belgian-style ales. Also, I get the feeling that fans of pumpkin beers (and other spiced seasonal beers) would like this one.



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