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Beer Blogging - Brooklyn Brown Ale

Finally, we get a game! Actually, we've gotten two: the Duke/Virginia Commonwealth game came on before the others, so we got that for about ten minutes, and now we're watching UCLA work up to their inevitable domination of Weber State. As I watch, I'm drinking another beer I bought in New York City: Brooklyn Brand Brown Ale.

This brown ale is darker than the most common brown ale, Newcastle, that you often see. It pours with a pretty big head, but it's not very thick and it goes away pretty quickly. The aroma, surprisingly, has some hops to it, but mostly it smells like roasted malt.

This beer tastes surprisingly dark; what I mean by that is that it tastes almost more like a porter than a brown ale. The predominant malt flavor here is roasted, but there's also a little bit of chocolatey sweetness. I can't really taste any hops, because the beer finishes off with a rich, roasted flavor that I have a feeling is drowning out any bitterness that might be present. There's a fair amount of carbonation (unlike a porter), and no hint of the 5.6% alcohol. This is a decent brown ale, but there's nothing too special about it. Let's just say that, since I can get Newcastle out here, I'm not heartbroken about not being able to get this one.

Rating: 5/10. Recommended for people in New York and surrounding areas who like brown ales and porters.



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