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Beer Blogging - Magic Hat H.I.P.A.

Since CBS insists on not showing me the only NCAA tournament game that's being played right now (instead of Vanderbilt nearly doubling up George Washington at 7:34 of the second half, I get Judge Judy), I'm gonna drink some more. Next up: Magic Hat H.I.P.A.

I got this one on the recommendation of Toast when I was back in New York; I actually had it when I was back there and I really enjoyed it, but it was one of many beers I had that night, so I don't exactly remember it. I'll be approaching this glass with a fresh outlook.

The pour: there's a little head, but it disappears into lace on top of the beer very quickly. The color is a light amber, pretty typical for an IPA. Also typical for an IPA is the aroma: lots and lots of hops. I smell a lot of grapefruit, and also some lighter floral hops. There's also a tiny bit of malt smell. No hint of alcohol (the beer has 6.8% ABV).

The taste: delicious. That grapefruit is back right away, right out in front of the flavor. The bitter hops come next, accompanied by something that tastes kind of like citrus rind. There's really no malt in the flavor to speak of, and maybe just a little in the aftertaste. The beer is really just about hops, but despite that the flavor almost feels light. I could drink it pretty quickly, at any rate, which may be due just as much to the relatively light carbonation as it is to the absence of overpowering flavors.

Rating: 8/10. If you like IPAs and you have access to this beer, you've probably already tried it. If you haven't, what the hell are you waiting for?