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Beer Blogging - Samuel Adams Cream Stout

I don't have a fun, clever opening for this post. I had a long week capped off by a rough night last night, and I really need to have about 8 beers tonight. The process begins...now!

This beer poured into the glass very dark, with a big, creamy brown head that stuck around for about five minutes. When held up to the light there are some hints of red and mahogany, but mostly it's just black. The aroma actually smells creamy, which is interesting and not unwelcome. There are scents of roasted malt, vanilla, caramel and maybe espresso. Promising.

With the first sip I realized that this beer is surprisingly hopped for a stout, but I'm getting ahead of myself. It starts out like a typical stout, not too carbonated and thick in the mouth. The flavor starts out with dark chocolate and roasted malt and finishes with some surprisingly light-tasting floral hops. The aftertaste moves on to the caramel and espresso flavors. None of the flavors really reaches out and punches you in the mouth; for a beer this dark and roasted smelling, it actually borders on thin. Still, it's a good beer, and it's very drinkable - the lack of any strong flavors make this one a good candidate for drinking multiple bottles at a sitting.

You know, if you're into that sort of thing.

Rating: 8/10. A very well put together beer, recommended for fans of any sort of dark beers, and for people who normally find stouts overwhelming.