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Beer Blogging - Cerveza Sol

I just got back from my softball game (we lost because we can't hit worth a damn), and it's really hot in Southern California right now (75 °F at 9:30 at night?), so I need a refreshing beer. Maybe a lager...something Mexican...hmmmm.

Looks refreshing all right; basically, it looks exactly like Corona, maybe a very little bit darker. Smells like Corona too - just like your basic lager, with maybe a little extra hops and a little sweeter. Nothing special. There's really no head to be seen; a little bit showed up when I first poured it, but in the time it took to pick up my camera it had disappeared.

Now for the taste. I have to say that looks can be deceiving, because this tastes nothing like Corona. First of all, it's far tastier without the help of lime (of which I had none in the fridge). Corona without lime is not worth drinking, but this beer is surprisingly flavorful. It starts out with a sweetness that's almost fruity, and finishes with a little bit of bitterness (more bitterness would help, but I wasn't expecting much, so it was a nice surprise). The overall impression is pretty drinkable, especially on a hot night like tonight. It's certainly nothing special, but it's a well-put-together beer.

Rating: 6/10. Sol is a good beer to drink a few of on a warm summer night. If you're looking for something that's complex or flavorful, get an actual German lager. But if you like Corona or the American macrobrews, this one might be for you (especially if you don't have limes handy).