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Hey, Remember Beer Blogging?

You know, that thing I used to do? Well, it's back! Tonight I'm having something called Köstritzer Schwarzbier, which describes itself as "Germany's Black Lager" and has been made since the year 1543 according to the label.

As you can see, this really is a black beer. When I poured it, there was a thick, foamy head that disappeared within a couple of minutes. The first sip made me think of Guinness; actually, I would describe this beer as a milder, more carbonated version of Guinness. It has the same strong roasted flavor, but none of the coffee note. This beer is about roasted hops, and that's it.

Considering the bitter flavor, I'm surprised how refreshing the beer is. The bitterness doesn't stick around for long; the aftertaste is flavorful and smooth. In short, this is a really good black lager, way better than (for example) the one that Sam Adams makes. I would recommend Köstritzer for anybody who likes dark beers.

Rating: 9/10