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Beer Blogging - Maredsous Triple

I can't believe I haven't blogged this one before! It's Maredsous - 10 - Triple, and I already know it's going to be good. I'm drinking this along with my dinner, a warm salad with beef that was slow cooked in chianti and garlic. Let's get drinkin'!

The pour: it's a very nice red-gold color, and it's fairly clear so you can see all the bubbles in the bottom of the glass. There's a huge, fluffy head that leaves lace all around the glass as it recedes.

The aroma: it's malty! There are hints of apple and honey, and no sign of hops anywhere. That's to be expected for a Belgian ale, especially a triple. These beers wouldn't be called "balanced", as such, except in that they can have malt flavors which complement each other.

The taste: similarly malty. Really malty. I can taste honey, apple, and pear. There's almost too much carbonation; the mouthfeel is almost like champagne. I think that if there was a little less carbonation, the flavors might be too strong, so I'm not going to complain. This beer has 10% ABV, but you would never know it from the smell or taste. I like that in a beer - it holds its alcohol well. The only place where it might come out is the aftertaste, but even then it's just a warmth in the back of your throat, not an actual taste. Overall it's a very good beer, but you have to be willing to put up with more carbonation than you usually get in a beer.

The rating: 8/10. I've had this beer before and I think it had less carbonation, so that might not be a constant for all bottles of Maredsous Triple. I have to say that the Maredsous Double (with the "8" on the label instead of the "10") is a much better beer. If you like Belgian Triples this one's not a bad one, but if you're looking at a bottle of this on a shelf there's probably a bottle of Ommegang Three Philosophers right near by. Get that one instead.

UPDATE: Shit. I did do it already! For fuck's sake, it's the second result on a Google search for Maredsous Triple! It just wasn't in my beer blogging archive for some reason. Last time I gave it a 9/10, probably because that bottle was less carbonated. Let's split the difference and call it an 8.5/10.

That rating brings the average of all my beer ratings up to 6.799 out of 10; that's the average of 82 ratings. Wow, I've blogged about a fair amount of beers!