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Beer Blogging - Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale

This beer comes from the Sam Adams Winter variety case that my girlfriend got me for Christmas. That's right, she got me a case of beer for Christmas. Is she a great girlfriend, or what?

The pour: poured into a pint glass, there's almost no head to speak of. A very thin tan foam was there for a second, but it disappeared quickly. A predictable corollary is that the aroma isn't very strong. What there is smells malty, with a little hint of ginger and some hops. Smells good.

The taste: much bolder than the aroma would suggest, and more complex too. When I first took this beer out of the fridge, it was a little too warm for all the flavors to assert themselves. After a few minutes warming up, however, I can really taste everything. The first flavor is malt, mostly molasses and caramel. That fades nicely into a blend of winter spices, mostly ginger but with a hint of orange as well. The aftertaste is warm and malty; it's just the kind of aftertaste you want in a winter brew. This is a nicely put together beer.

The rating: 8/10. This is a good beer for a cold winter night. Just make sure it's not too cold when you drink it, or you'll miss the best parts.



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