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Beer Blogging - He'Brew Genesis Ale

Here's another beer that I bought this morning after seeing it for the first time in Southern California. It's He'Brew Genesis Ale, from a brewery in Saratoga, NY. Its tagline is "the chosen beer", so I had to choose it.

Pour: the beer has a very appealing golden brown color with hints of red when held up to light. The head is white and fluffy and dissipates into lace fairly quickly. It looks like there's not a ton of carbonation here.

Aroma: there is a distinctive smell of hops over the top of a bready malt. It's a pretty simple aroma, typical of a brown ale.

Taste: it's kind of like a more interesting version of Newcastle. I say that because it's exactly the same as Newcastle (sweet and malty with a very light hop character), until it finishes off with a nice, almost smoky aftertaste. Basically, this is a well-put together brown ale with enough distinguishing characteristics to keep it interesting.

Rating: 7/10. If it had slightly more aggressive hops, I might give it an 8 or even an 9. But it doesn't, so I won't. But I'll buy it again if I see it, because it's very drinkable and just tasty enough. If you like Newcastle, you will definitely like this beer, and it's about the same price. You should buy it.



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