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Beer Blogging - Miner's Lung

This is only sort of beer blogging, since there's also vodka in this thing. Specifically, the recipe for the Miner's Lung is:

  • Pour 3 shots of vodka into a pint glass
  • Fill with Guinness
That's it. Here are the ingredients:

And here's the vodka in the pint glass.

The final product:

The Pour: Pour 3 shots of vodka into a pint glass, and then fill it with Guinness Draught. A full bottle (11.2 fl oz., for Guinness Draught) should just fit into the pint glass. The final product looks just like Guinness, with maybe a little smaller head.

The Aroma: You can really smell the vodka. I was thinking that the Guinness might hide it, but no, not so much. The smell of alcohol pretty much drowns out everything else, which makes sense because if you do the math, you find that this is essentially a pint of Guinness with 13% ABV.

The Taste: It's the strangest thing. I know what Guinness tastes like, and I'm expecting to taste Guinness, but upon my first sip I can't taste Guinness in this pint glass. After a few more sips, I can tell what's going on here: the first thing you taste is vodka, and the aftertaste is vodka, but in the middle there's some nice Guinness flavor. It's an interesting drinking experience, to be sure.

The Rating: 5/10. It's definitely not for everyone, and I don't think I will ever make it again. I guess if you had some top shelf vodka (with less of a distinctive taste than Smirnoff), it would probably taste more like Guinness. Maybe I'll try that some day if I ever buy good vodka. Anyway, I can't say I recommend a Miner's Lung, as such. Try it if you want.

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