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Beer Blogging - Snakebite

OK, last one for the night: the Snakebite, which is Guinness floated over pear cider (Wyder's in this case).

The Pour: This one is poured just like the Black & Tan, but it looks a lot cooler when it's done because of the contrast in colors between the Wyder's Pear Cider and the Guinness Draft. It's also a lot harder to pour without having the layers mix. You really have to go slow; I find it helps to fill the spoon with Guinness first and slowly pour it over the cider, creating a layer of cider before you pour the whole mass of Guinness on top. The result looks pretty nice:

The Aroma: Unlike for the Black & Tan, you can smell the pear cider in this one. It smells like a sweet Guinness, basically.

The Taste: Also unlike the Black & Tan, you can taste the pear cider from the first sip. That's because of the mixing that happens right away, but also because the pear cider is so sugary, it almost overwhelms the Guinness. As the drink warms up, it starts to taste more like Guinness.

The Rating: 7/10. The mix of sweet pear cider and smoky Guinness is actually very appealing. I'd recommend it.