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Beer Blogging - Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

This one looks good. It's a beer I picked up at a great local liquor store: Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout, brewed with Colombian coffee. I've never had a bad beer from Lagunitas, so let's see if the streak continues.

The Pour: A dark beer with a tan, foamy head. About like you'd expect from a stout or a porter. It looks pretty good.

The Aroma: I know it's a stout, but it smells like an ale. Well, an ale that was brewed with coffee, that is. There are hops and malt together in the aroma, which is weird for a stout. There is also the unmistakable smell of espresso. That's good - I like espresso.

The Taste: If it weren't for the coffee, I don't think this beer would taste much like a stout at all. Then again, maybe that's the idea - they made an ale, and the coffee turned it into a stout. If so, mission accomplished. It's actually a really well balanced beer; there's a big hit of hops out front, and then a malty coffee finish. There's not as much carbonation as the head would suggest, and no hint of the 8.3% ABV. This is a nice, well put-together beer. Of course, when I see Lagunitas on the label I expect a finely crafted beer, and this one didn't disappoint.

The Rating: 8/10. Don't be scared by that "stout" on the label, this one drinks a lot more like a dark ale. There are some hops, but even if you don't like hoppy beers this one will probably be OK for you. If you see it, I highly recommend buying one.